These are a list of concise points to know before you sell on DIGITVL.SHOP


  1. We primarily use stripe, which charges a 2.9% + $0.30 fee. This fee is NOT collected by DIGITVL – we cover the 2.9%,  $0.30 falls on you as the vendor.

  2.                         You are also charged 2.5% + $0.25 when you transfer to your bank account – THIS FEE IS NOT COLLECTED BY DIGITVL  

  3.  We charge a standard of 10% commission on top of monthly subscriptions, this keeps the platform alive. Periodically we may waive these fees.

  4.  To not feel the impact of a 10% commission fee, we recommend raising your item prices by 10%. That means you sell a $10 item for $11 or add the 10% into your shipping & handling fees.

  5. You should edit the SEO of your products so that they rank better on search engines. (SEO tutorial coming soon)

  6. We do have tutorials as to how to utilize nudge.digitvl.com here..


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